Madera / Wood Therapy

Madera or Wood Therapy is a trendy treatment today. It’s a vigorous massage technique that utilizes wooden, handheld tools, such as rolling pins and vacuum-suction cups. Purportedly, wood therapy is centuries old and originated in Asia. The technique of wood therapy has seen a surge in popularity, primarily in South America, where people call it maderoterapia. Madera is Spanish for wood.

Essential purpose of Madera therapy to reduce or eliminate cellulite. Other benefits:

Obviously, one session is not enough, we recommend to do a course of several sessions, 3-6-10, depend on the problematic area. Best areas for wood therapy: belly, sides, waist, inner thighs, hips, arms, back part of legs. Drinking enough water, working out, doing cardio are playing a big role also, and can be a great complement to achieve a result after Madera therapy.



1 session


The package of 3 sessions


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The package of 10 sessions


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